For 40 years since opening our office in the center of downtown Los Angeles in 1978, our firm has been providing accounting and tax services to our growing clients from Japan. Getting along with various changes, environmental, law and regulation changes, the succeeding of our company up to now is entirely due to the development and growth of Japan and its industries. Our firm strongly keeps in mind providing objective, accurate, and speedy services. “BEING SINCERE” is our another flag.


“U.S.A. is a global stage -Management is an art.”

The offer of lasting stage to employee is the most important mission of the corporation. To realize this mission, strong motivation and high moral of the employee is essential.
In advancing into the global stage (U.S.A.), superior products, services and sufficient funds and technology from Japan are indispensable, but at the same time, the philosophy which employees’ agree and accept is prerequisite for the success.
In addition to these, it is important for the company to understand and adapt to the local; law, business practices, and life style.

Do our basic philosophy and sense of valuation respond to the speed of medical and scientific advances or technological innovation?



The Wall Street Journal May 15, 2002

In 2002, The National Republican Congressional Committee, headed by U.S. congressman Tom Delay, launched the Business Advisory Council and selected Honorary State Chairmen. When I was informed that the Committee wished to select me because of my many years of service as a CPA, I thought it was an honor and naturally accepted. I had absolutely no connection to politics and did not know how I was selected, but when the Wall Street Journal printed the names of the Chairmen from across the nation, my name was the only Japanese name on the list.

Tetsuohu Koiso


The NRCC's Business Advisory Council was formed to involve this country” s top business leaders in the government reform. Their experience and knowledge, together with their get-it-done attitude, will lead the way as we deal with the critical issues that affect economic stimulus in this country…debt reduction, retirement/social security, tax reduction and simplification and ending government waste and inefficiency.
We recognize the following Honorary State Chairmen for their business and professional success, the leadership 
they are already providing in their communities, and for their willingness to provide leadership to this important effort.